Friday, November 9, 2007

Oomph, Pow, Zing!

The chirp of an innocent bird, ever so sweetly, ever so softly, wakes you from a long night's sleep. Golden rays of sunshine seep into your first sight of the day as the cool breeze tingles across your thirsty skin. Shuffling into the kitchen as you wrap your robe into a satisfying snug, you glance beyond the window pane. Silver dew lines the earth. It's a perfect morning. Pairing it with a bland bowl of oatmeal and egg whites seems almost sinful. A questioning glance at toast and juice is equally unpromising. As you spacily stir a dash of cream and sugar into your coffee mug, you reflect nostalgically back to your childhood. WWGD? (That's "What would Grandma do" to all you befuddled ones.) You know the answer. You smile. You get to work.

What other breakfast food can fill your house with the glorious aroma of sweet butter, swirling with a hint of cinnamon, bubbling away with bursting blueberries? What am I babbling on about, you ask? Come on, everyone...

Blueberry Muffins!!! Okay, I've made my point. Blueberry muffins are not only the perfect breakfast food; they're also strangely satisfying in a sensual kind of way. My beloved Grandma is the angel of apple cake, the goddess of grits, but most appropriately for today, the mother of muffins! Oh, simmer your jealousy down. You can recreate these delectable morsels of heaven with my Grandma Kainz's recipe, tweaked slightly by yours truly with my spunky spin of spicy, sweet walnut streusal topping.

This recipe won't fail to create that...oomph, zing, pow! Until mankind creates suitable words that properly describe my Grandma's blueberry muffins, my onomatopoeias will have to do. Well, what are you waiting for? Your coffee's getting cold, and your stomach won't feed itself! Go on and try this recipe out! After all, who doesn't want to know what exactly an 'oomph' tastes like?

Grandma Kainz's Blueberry Muffins

(with walnut streusal topping)



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Kristen said...

Nothing better than muffins in the morning!
So glad you'll be joining in the adopt a blogger event!